Rogers Family Cemetery

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Rogers Family Cemetery
Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts

This small burial ground is located on private property. The grounds are tree lined and surrounded by a rock wall. There is one head stone and foot stone remaining, but it appears that there are more burials that are not marked and there are remnants of at least three other broken markers.

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The headstone is for Nathaniel Rogers, a farmer, who died is 1860. He was the son of Isaiah and Sarah Rogers. In his Will he left his estate to his wife, Ruhamah (Turner) Rogers and heirs: Abial Rogers, Rhoda Rogers, Gorham P. Rogers, Sarah Kent, Henry H. Kent, Cordelia B. Rogers and Pelatiah D. Rogers.

The transcription of the head stone is as follows:

Oct. 8, 1860,
Aet. 72 yrs. 4 mos.

A sturdy, sterling, honest man lies here.
Whose hands were clean as was his heart sincere.
Labor his prayer, the golden rule his creed.
Were all us worthy would be well indeed.

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The foot stone simply read N.R. – this may be the foot stone of Nathaniel, although it is currently set in the ground adjacent to the existing head stone.

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