Moody Marks Tomb

“Do you know the story of the Crypt?”

“Well. This was all big orchard, every place around here was an orchard. And they used to go down here and they’d work it. The help did.” – Brownie Taylor

“We are going to see the crypt. ” – Brownie Taylor

“You call it a crypt, I call it a tomb. My Dad* always called it Moody Marks tomb. And it’s a mystery as to just who is buried in it.” – Jim Cunningham

“We can see it right straight ahead through the trees there.” – Jim Cunningham

“So, nobody knows who’s buried there?” – Caleb Noble

“Oh yeah, the red head!” – Brownie Taylor

“Well, that’s your story.” – Jim Cunningham

*His Dad, Richard Cunningham.

Source: Transcribed from and excerpt of the video: “A Drive Around Newbury with Brownie Taylor”, Published: July 14, 2015, By: Town of Newbury, used with permission of Caleb Noble, Media Director.

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