First Parish Burying Ground


An Historic 17th Century Burying Ground in Newbury, Massachusetts

The First Parish Burying Ground was established in 1647, shortly after the founding of the Town of Newbury in 1635. Located on High Rd (Route 1A) across from the First Parish Church of Newbury. The burying ground is the final resting place for many notable First Settler’s of Newbury, many Revolutionary War-era Patriots, veteran’s serving in wars up to World War II, and many other key figured in town. There is believe to be over 2,200 grave-markers and historians have estimated over 6,000 people are resting here at the burying ground.

History on the Burying Ground

Notable Burials


To Request a lookup of the burial list, please complete this form including details of the deceased (name, birth and/or death dates if known and any other relevant information that would aid in search).

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