First Settler’s of Newbury

Settled in 1635, drawing roots from England, more then a dozen who settled Newbury rest at the First Parish Burying Ground. It is led to believe that the following now rest at our burying ground:

Please feel free to contact us and let us know if you have any information you would like to share about a First Settler of Newbury, and if we are missing someone on our list.

Who we believe may be resting at First Parish Burying Ground:

  • Tristram Coffin
  • Richard Dumer Sr.
  • Moses Gerrish
  • Elizabeth Coffin Greenleaf
  • Anthony Morse
  • James Noyes
  • Ann Emery Ordway
  • Thomas Parker
  • Daniel Pierce
  • Henry Sewall Sr.
  • Henry Sewall III
  • Jane Dummer Sewall
  • Anthony Somerby

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