About Preserving Newbury

How We Got Started:

In 2015, a project was taken on by Don Jarvis to address the issue of serious neglect and overgrowth at the First Parish Burying Ground in Newbury. Often working single-handedly or with a small number of recruited volunteers, the project was entirely self-funded but community outreach was needed as the project continued to grow. Through videos, newspaper articles and social media the project slowly came together, one by one hundreds upon hundreds of headstones were cleared of overgrowth and documented. Today, the grounds no longer looked neglected.

Just over two years later, the Burying Ground is in the best condition that it has been in over 20 years. The project volunteers all agree with the First Parish Church that they are in a great position now to establish a Cemetery Committee and work towards maintaining and caring for the burying ground going forward.

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What We Do:

What’s Our Mission:

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