Senior Citizen Tax-Abatement Program

Are you a Senior Citizen living in Newbury looking to save some money on your property taxes? Volunteering for Preserving Newbury can help save a some money and give back to the community. Working with the Veteran Grave Officer and the Newbury Council on Aging you can save up to $1,100 a year on your property taxes.

This year, and years going forward, a couple Senior Citizens in Town will be able to work-off no more then $1,100 off their property tax by helping and assisting the Veteran Grave Officer. This breaks down to 100 hours of work at the rate $11 per hour. Senior Citizens are not required to dedicate all 100 hours, but their tax break will only reflect the amount of hours they have worked.

 Job postings will be available through the Council of Aging of Newbury. Some of the work we will be seeking help with include, but not limited too: photographing headstones, transcribing headstones, genealogy research, flag disposal box, and more. We will NOT request nor ask for of any manual labor from Senior Citizens.
This is going to be a great way to involve more members of the community to our project and allow us to create these records and database quicker, and most importantly it’s a great way to allow us to help and give back to our Senior Citizens in Town. We are looking forward to get started this year and we will let everyone know once the jobs are posted and public!!

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